My Software


My most important project is goVRec, a go recording program for the Agenda VR3.
It has its own site at


MakeTable is a program which helps you store the scores of your students (or similar) in a text file. The program adjusts the text file, and produces a TeX-table with the scores (and the average and so on).
It also has its own site, at

Smaller projects

Programming is one of my hobbies; thus, here are some of my programs which I want to share with you.

The programs on this page are written in C or C++ (except for the pseudoprime test).
Most of the programs are up-to-date under Linux (rsp. improved all the time). I would be happy if someone translated my newh.h (personal header file) to another operating system.
The programs except for the routines from this header file should be system-independent. So translating newh.h should suffice to make the programs run on every other platform. If someone does that, please tell me about it, so that other people can also get to enjoy this.

pseudoprime generating program

This is just a straightforward implementation of the Miller-Rabin pseudoprime test. The arguments are "number of bits" and "number of tests". In this way, you can get a pseudoprime of arbitrary size and as low probabilty for mistake as you wish.

address program

This address programm has the advantage that it uses only few resources of the computer. The file containing the data can as well be viewed using a usual text editor. The current version is (of course) for linux, but the source code is included, so: convert it!

The following files are available for download:

Menu-programm for DOS

For people still sticking to MS-DOS; if windows is too instable or needs more resources than your computer is willing to provide, or you don't like graphical environments in general?
Then this program is the right one for you! The handful of programs that you use on a regular basis are easily put into a configuration file, and then they are just a mouse-click away. The program can be left at any time (and without loss of time). The same is true for the startup.

Here are all the files: (98K)


Unfortunately, this plotter has not yet been converted to Linux; hence, I personally use "R" to plot functions under linux (but R is much more powerful than necessary to get simple plots). However, my plotter is the only one I know of that accepts expressions like "sinx/3x^2" (this term is interpreted as "sin(x)/(3*x^2)"). The coordinate system can be adjusted as necessary. Also, the definition of a function can use values of other functions (which are not necessarily plotted also).

Here are the available versions of the plotter: